Other Services


How do you get a beautiful home for every season and holiday without lifting a finger?

Seasonal Decorating Service… 

Certified Seasonal Decorator Terri Riddle specializes in seasonal home changes and holiday décor.  Homeowners are busy with their daily lives and the thought of changing their home décor with each season or holiday adds stress to the event.  Let Terri Riddle revise your home for the holidays and each new season giving you a beautifully decorated home without the stress of doing it yourself.  Contact us for a custom quote.


How do you find unique furnishings to finish your room and not spend a lot of time shopping?

Home Decor Shopping Service…

ReVision Home Staging & ReDesign offers a Home Decor Shopping Service for our clients.  We spend our time shopping for clients and our staging inventory and know which retailers/vendors carry what you need at the best prices.  We work with you on a shopping list and budget you feel comfortable with, and we do the shopping for you.  $60 per hour.


How can you update that ‘project furniture’ or family pieces without doing it yourself? 

ReVision’s Custom Furniture Finishes…

Repurposing furniture is a great way to do your part in ‘Going Green’ by keeping unused and outdated furniture out of landfills.  Older furniture was made to last with real wood and has a character of its own.  Tired looking furniture can be updated with a new finish to be that ‘statement piece’ in your home.  We specialize in paint treatments, chippy distressing, and hand glazing to give your furniture new life.  Contact us for information on this service.