Color Consultation

Do you live in white or beige, but you envision living in color?

Let Color Consultant Terri Riddle make your vision of living in color a reality, with no fear of mistakes.

Color is such an important part of the mood or character of a room.  Color can highlight architecture, create interest, change room size, and add personality to a room.  Paint color is one of the most inexpensive changes a homeowner can make, but the number of color choices available can be overwhelming causing homeowners to stay with the safe choice of white or beige.

Terri meets with you to understand how you want your room to look and feel.  She performs a color test, eliminating 750 colors in 3 minutes using the Color With No Regrets Color System.  Terri works with your existing furnishings and suggests paint colors based on your color test.  If you’re changing your room or purchasing new furniture, Terri can provide a Color Palette To Go, giving you the confidence to shop knowing your purchases will work in your room.  You can choose colors for your home with no fear of mistakes.